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The online tennis school from Wayne Keeler give you access to every video produced by tennis pro Wayne Keeler


Send in your video to have tennis pro Wayne Keeler examine your technique and give you tips and guidance to fix your flaws.


Videos will cover a variety of techniques specialized for those who approach the sport of tennis with more “life experience.”


Videos that specialize in the techniques essential to proper youth tennis development are on their way!


Learn how one man overcame all of life's challenges to become the world renowned "Family Tennis Pro."

Learn more about Wayne Keeler, who has dedicated his life to overcoming adversity and becoming a respected athlete, coach, mentor and more. Read Wayne’s recount of his journey to this point in life.

“I’m Wayne Keeler also known as The Family Tennis Pro .   I’ve touched many lives over the years through my passion and love for Tennis .At four years of age my Mother dropped me off at a park to play with other Children and never returned…”

Wayne with young tennis students


Defined as, "a high degree of competence or skill; expertise," to me, teaching proficiency is about creating confidence. Confidence that, after my training, the student will never have to look out of place on the court again! For more experienced players, I assist them in ironing out parts of their game that cause the dreaded "silly mistake."
Paramount to any lesson I can give is teaching students that tennis should be fun, a learning experience, and an everlasting journey of improvement and adjustment. I strive to ensure each student feels confident they have the basics to participate in tennis with any group.
Some need to learn the basics of tennis, others need to be reminded of the simple things they may have neglected in their advancement of tennis skill. Core lessons teach and remind us of the basics of movement, placement, footwork and more - all vital to help you implement advanced tennis techniques later in your journey.
One part of playing tennis in any setting is sportsmanship - without good sportsmanship you will be hard pressed to find a tennis partner. Cultivating good sportsmanship not only helps the player, but those who play with them. Through good sportsmanship, novice tennis players aren't discouraged early in their journey to tennis proficiency!
Being a positive, bright spirit, encouraging my students comes naturally! That being said, it is just as important for my students to have the same sense of respect, understanding and patience with those tennis players who may not be 'on their level.' Tennis should never be a stress-inducing affair; we're out here to have fun, earn, exercise and ENJOY the great game of tennis.
Subscribing to my site allows you unrestricted access to my video training, one-on-one video training, early access to meet-and-greet events and more.


See what students have to say about "The Family Tennis Pro" Wayne Keeler!
Mike gives his testimonial

Wayne Keeler Tennis StudentMIKE

I’ve been working with Wayne Keeler for about a year now. He’s helped me with my forehand, my backhand, my serve – all around my game has improved…

Monique gives a testimonial

Wayne Keeler Tennis StudentMONIQUE

I’ve been with Pro Wayne Keeler for over a year now. He has drastically improved my game. He has high energy, spirited teaching. He’s genuinely interested in the development of the player…

The Family Tennis ProLATEST NEWS

Family Tennis Pro starts filming online series01Aug
Family Tennis Pro starts filming online series
Wanting to reach a broader audience to inspire even MORE people to learn (and love) the great game of tennis, "The Family Tennis Pro" Wayne Keeler made it his mission to create this site and the ensuing video series with one goal in mind - help more people love the game of tennis.
Wayne’s quarantine tennis practice demo01Aug
Wayne’s quarantine tennis practice demo
During the recent quarantine Wayne took his own camera out to create a short video to show how students can get their tennis practice in despite the quarantine from COVID-19.
Tennis Pro Wayne Keeler starts development of new website12Jul
Tennis Pro Wayne Keeler starts development of new website
Wayne, in partnership with Flame Productions/Internet is hard at work developing a helpful, easy to use website where you will be able to see great video tutorials on how to improve your tennis game.
Wayne Keelers starts, coaches and plays for semi-pro football team11Jan
Wayne Keelers starts, coaches and plays for semi-pro football team
Undeterred by the Philadelphia Eagles deeming him "too short" to punt the ball 70 yards in the NFL, Wayne Keeler took matters into his own hands - his burning desire to play football would NOT be extinguished.

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